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Next litter is planned for 2019 out of Multi Champion ARANYVADÁSZ ORKÁN & BETEKINTS ŐSZIKE BUBA. We take limited reservation, pet and/or hunting homes preferred. For more information please contact us:

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About us: We are a Vizsla breeders from Hungary. We are members of the Hungarian Kennel Club and the Hunagrian Vizsla Club. We belive in quality - not in quantity: we usually have one litter per year. We select our clients too - we do not sell puppies for kennel life, or for traders.
 We only breed with healthy dogs wich have excellent temperament and are lovely with children. All our vizslas passed hunting exams and came from traditional Hungarian bloodlines.

The vizsla was always a working dog and we would like to keep the original characteristics of it so from our point of view dual purpose vizslas are as follows:

- apparance: good morfology and mousculature, noble head, desirable dark eyes in harmony with the color of the coat and the tail is carried close to the horizontal plane never high (!)

- temperament: first of all the vizsla has to be trained easly and quickly. That's why vizslas are loved as companions, pets too. They love every familiy member they even can read from their owners eye! They are lively, intelligent, obedient, sensitive and very affectionate. Even if they are not used as hunting dogs, vizslas have excellent nose, high trailing and retrieving qualities, figurative pointing, they love water-and field work.

However you use a vizsla ( from agility to handicap helping dogs, bikejöring or canicross) he has to be never and ever timid! Shy, agressive and nervous dogs has to be disqualificated from breeding. The most important is to respect your 4 legged companion!