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Ch Aranyvadász Orkán

 Res. WW '13, Res. EUW '13, GBR Ch,  Mor Ch, AW'13 Aranyvadász Orkán:


            Orkán is a special boy: he was already 2 years old when he came into our life. The day I saw him for the very first time I will never forget: World Dog Show Budapest, Hungary: he just arrived with a smile on his face. He was so easy to handle, we won the intermediate class and some hours later he gained Reserve CACIB, Vice World Winner ... Since then we partecipated on the most important shows in Europe achieving an unique "palmare" especially taking in consideration that he was shown only 12 times. Orkán, great-grandchild of Mátai Hetyke, - the only Smooth Hungarian Vizsla who won CACIT and became Vice Individual World Winner at Wolrd Championship for Continental Pointing Dogs -  is our funny, sweet family member; apport fun buddy of the children, gentleman with bitches, who has great drive in the field & water, stabile point, an an "always ready" for work attitude.

Breeder: Loránd Czekes     

DOB: 15/07/2011               Pedigree:

Show Titles: pending ICH & HCH 

      Vice World Winner 2013 Budapest, Hungary

      Vice European Champion 2013, Genevre

      Hungarian Clubwinner 2014 & 2016 

      Vizsla Speciality Winner 2015 with Best of Breed

      Cruft's 2014 Open Cl. III. Place, UK

      Amsterdam Winner 2013 with Best of Breed, Best of Group III.

      Gibraltar Champion

      Morocco Champion             

       4 x CACIB

      2 x R.CACIB

      8 x CAC

      2 x GCC

      5 x BOB

      Res. Best of Group

      Best of Group

      Junior Best of Group

      Very promising I.

Working Titles: Basic Hunting Test - AV

VAV - max.scores

VMV- Field-water trial - I . Prize. / nose: 4 /

Hip Score: HD B

Breeding Licence by the Hungarian Vizsla Club